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Serving our customers since 1963, B & W Stat Laboratory is a medical diagnostic laboratory specializing in rapid testing for drugs of abuse. Our lab is committed to delivering fast test results with industry leading accuracy to a broad range of customers. We remain committed to helping our customers foster a drug free workplace and a safe environment.

about B&w stat laboratory

Established in 1963, we were the first independent commercial laboratory in Washington, DC. B & W Stat Laboratory, Inc. performs drug testing on site and we are licensed by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act ("CLIA"). Additionally, we are in compliance with all federal and state proficiency licensing standards. CLIA sets forth high standards for quality control, record keeping, personnel training, equipment maintenance and other aspects of clinical laboratory operations. 


laboratory defined

As defined by CLIA, is "a facility for the biological, microbiological, serological, chemical, immunohematological hematological, biophysical, cytological, and pathological, or other examination of materials derived from the human body for the purpose of providing information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any diseases or impairment of, or the assessment of the health of, human beings. These examination also include procedures to determine, measure, or otherwise describe the presence or absence of various substances or organisms in the body."  


our clients

We provide laboratory services to a broad range of customers in the DC Metropolitan Region and beyond. Our clients include local government agencies, federal government agencies, healthcare providers, government funded programs, drug treatment facilities, law enforcement agencies, non-profit organizations, healthcare workers, childcare providers, schools and universities, employers, health maintenance organizations (HMOs), drug-free workplace programs, and much more. 


Results in 24 hours for Organizational Accounts

 Collectively, we can promote a drug-free environment that will
result in cost savings for our health care system and the workplace. 

Mass Screenings, Random Testing and more ... 


Rooted in DC!

From our humble beginnings in a small apartment above a doctor's office in 1961, to our formal incorporation in 1963, B & W STAT Laboratory has been a fixture in Washington, DC. Our Founder, Mr. Clifton "Skeeter" West, Jr., is a fourth-generation Washingtonian and we have operated out of our present location on Georgia Avenue, NW for over 50 years.


Results in 30 minutes
for Walk-ins.

As a recognized partner in the DC community, B & W Laboratory has welcomed walk-in clients since the early 1970s. We remain committed to our local community businesses, residents and clients to provide rapid, accurate testing results. Valid photo ID required.



B & W Stat Laboratory is the first independent clinical laboratory in the District of Columbia to be CLIA (Clinical License Improvement Act of 1967) certified in Toxicology by the US Federal Government. A summary of our certifications and memberships are provided by clicking the link below.