Committed to helping ensure a drug free and safe workplace.


Founded in 1963

We are the first independent, commercial laboratory in the District of Columbia.

We represent many firsts in our industry. We were the first independent commercial laboratory in Washington, DC. We were the first laboratory to provide physicians with routine pick up service in DC. We were also the first CLIA certified laboratory in Toxicology in the District. We were the first laboratory to use instrumentation for drug analysis by using gas chromatography. We led the way in providing in-house specimen collection for free standing HMO’s and we were the first laboratory to design and implement a laboratory for the courts. B & W Stat Laboratory has been a thought leader in the field of laboratory science since its inception.


Our History

Our founder, Clifton “Skeeter” West, Jr., started a laboratory in a small apartment on the 2nd floor above a private physicians office in 1961, where he converted a kitchen stove into a Bunsen burner and used the oven to dry glassware. We performed routine blood procedures for the doctor's patients. Initially, it was a part time evening operation. 

During the day, Skeeter was working full time at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and later at NASA as a Medical Technologist. Since we were unable to accommodate other physician’s patients (walk-ins) we established a pick-up service for other doctors’ practices. This enabled us to collect samples and provide the necessary testing and laboratory results to physicians’ offices with 24 hours. Prior to this service, patients had to go to local hospitals for laboratory diagnostic testing which required a longer turn-around time to get the test results.


early years

We decided to expand and provide walk-in service with specimen collection in the Community Medical & Dental building on Georgia Avenue in Washington, DC. We rented a small room and hired a technician for phlebotomy service during the day. Then we moved to the Medical building at the corner of Gresham Street and Georgia Avenue. We continued to grow and therefore, needed a larger facility to accommodate our work load. In 1969, we decided to buy our present two buildings on Georgia Avenue. In addition, we purchased two physician owned labs. Then we united the 3 laboratories in N.W. Washington, DC so that we could install larger instrumentation. 

sustained growth

During this period, we automated Hematology and Chemistry procedures due to the increase in volume. At this time, B & W Stat Laboratory was mainly performing diagnostic clinical laboratory testing. In 1971, Mr. West read a newspaper article about a judge who received a false positive that took two weeks' time. The idea was to put a lab in the courthouse, which enabled results to come back within hours, and allowed the courts to decide on incarceration or treatment for individuals who were arrested the previous day.  This was the first in house drug testing program in the country for the courts. This program received network television recognition and later served as a model for similar programs throughout the country. This is now known  as “Drug Court.”

looking forward

In December 1994, The Founder's son, Clifton "Skip" West, III, also a Medical Technologist,  joined B & W Stat Laboratory as the Laboratory Director. He previously worked at several large commercial labs.  He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Howard University. 

In 2018, after many years of working in Sales and Marketing for commercial labs, long term care facilities and pharmaceutical organizations, Alison Hughes  (daughter of the Founder) joined the organization as the Director of Business Development. She is also an alumna of Howard University.  


B & W Stat Laboratory, continues to serve the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in its fight to promote a safe and drug free workplace. The lab will continue to provide STAT capabilities: Specificity, Sensitivity, Service, Fast Turn Around Times, Accurate, and Affordable Testing Solutions to a broad range of clients. 


Our Founder


Clifton N. West, Jr. MT aka “Skeeter”

Mr. Clifton West, is a 4th generation Washingtonian. His interest in science and specifically Medical Technology, began once he enlisted in the US Military. He was a laboratory technician while stationed at the USAF Hospital in Chateauroux, France. His fascination with the medical profession, the amount of information a clinician can gather from testing bodily fluids, and how this information, along with the practice of Medicine, can help diagnose diseases, spurred him in continuing to study science. He completed studies in the biological sciences at Howard University, George Washington University, the National Institute of Health, the United States Department of Agriculture Medical Technology School and the Hyland School of Laboratory Management.Clifton N. West, Jr. is a registered technologist with the US Communicable Disease Center.  He has served as a medical technologist at Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital and NASA and held other roles in science—including serving as a technician in the Air Force office performing autopsies.


Our Staff

B & W Stat Laboratory has a number of departments which support the day to day operations within the organization. The departments are as follows: Operations/Management, Medical Technology, Customer Service, Business Office, Logistics and Business Development. In addition, we have several collaborators/partners  that enhance the services we offer. They include: Medical Review Office (MRO) Physician Consultant, Technical Writer, Business Consultant, Compliance/Legal and the Medical Clinic/Employment Physician.


OUR Vision

To proactively address the problem of substance abuse. Pre-employment testing for the workplace is needed to ensure a drug-free and safe work environment. This can address any potential issue BEFORE it becomes a real problem where intense treatment will be needed. 


Education:  Educate our customers about drugs of abuse, the physical and mental consequences, and lifestyle decisions.

Proactive Engagement:  Ensure that our customers have drug-free programs in place prior
to employment.

Prevention:  Help employers maintain a commitment to a drug-free, safe workplace by providing
random testing.

Intervention:  Intervene early in the treatment process for those employees who need help and ensure it is provided before there are severe health and financial consequences.


Community Involvement


corporate responsibility

Our founder, Mr. Clifton West, Jr., was also one of the founders of the Lower Georgia Avenue Businessman's Association. He and the other co-founders, organized this association to promote visibility to many of the local businesses along the lower Georgia Avenue corridor. As a result of this organization's activities and the support of the Mayor's office, Georgia Avenue took on a new and improved appearance and image in the 1980's.  Through his activities as President of the Lower Georgia Avenue Businessman's Association, the idea for Georgia Avenue Day was developed to further promote economic development with the community. In the 1980's, Mr. West also coordinated a fundraising effort for Howard University's sports program in an effort to replace stolen sports


equipment.  Mr. West was chairman of a Prevention Drug Program and co-founder of the DC Drug Prevention Partnership. The partnership was established to help curb the drug problems in Ward 1 of the district. As President of B & W Stat Laboratory and as a result of Mr. West's leadership, B & W Stat Laboratory has received many community service awards over the years, including: Outstanding Businessman from People's Involvement Corporation; Recognition from the Department of Employment Services - Outstanding Service; 1996 Med Week Department of Human Rights and Minority Business Development - Outstanding Business Person; The Commanders of the Rite, Mason of the District of Columbia - Excellence in Science Services - Long Years of Leadership in the Field of Laboratory Testing; and many, many more. B & W Stat Laboratory has been and continues to be a committed community partner.